This problem is faced by everyone who has just started his own business. In a dialogue with a potential client, he asks for a portfolio to be sure of competence, but there is nothing to provide. What to do?

12 1024x536 How to get live reviews on Houzz?Often there is such a problem that there are no comments at all on the young Houzz website. Or suppose you created a content project with reviews of photos for money, but no one leaves reviews on the site. In this case, you have a direct road to us!

What does a Houzz visitor do when they come to your site?

The first thing the client does to make sure the service is reliable is to look for and read reviews. This clearly shows that reviews are a powerful tool that encourages people to become your customers. However, getting a customer to leave a review is not so simple. How often do you leave feedback yourself and do you leave at all?

%name How to get live reviews on Houzz?How to get real reviews from a real visitor or client.


The easiest way to get feedback from a client is to ask him about it. This method is suitable if you have a customer email. The letter may contain either a direct request to leave feedback or a question about satisfaction with the quality of service and services.


It is not necessary to collect reviews solely through the Internet. Keep a database of customers, save their phone numbers and ring up for the purpose of a survey on the quality of service. The main disadvantage of this method is that it can be annoying for a certain category of people, but if everything is done correctly, be polite, not be imposed and do not bother with frequent calls, then you are guaranteed to get a well-detailed review. Keep a record of calls, then translate them into text or upload audio to the site.

13 1024x680 How to get live reviews on Houzz?Website Feedback Forms

Surely you have seen many times in online stores forms for quickly sending a question/feedback and for feedback in general. This method will be convenient for the client, all that is required of him is to write a couple of sentences. No extra registrations, extra accounts, and so on.

Feedback Rating System

The above methods are relatively simple to implement. This method is quite complicated but has great potential. Create a user system that will take into account the number of reviews left, their usefulness. Publish a list of the most prolific reviewers – many will want to get into the top ten.

General tip collection tips

It’s not enough to use the recommendations given in this article. Use them wisely and wisely. Let’s give some tips to help you in this matter:

  • Always respond to reviews. Clients often do not leave feedback just because they know that they will not receive a prompt response, or will not receive it at all.
  • Do not complicate the process of writing a review – the fewer actions a client has to complete, the better. No need to force the client to register another five accounts. You need this, and not him – the client does not need an extra headache.13 1 1024x683 How to get live reviews on Houzz?
  • Always give the client not one, but several opportunities to leave feedback. It will be more convenient for someone to write a comment on the social network, someone – fill out the built-in form, someone – reply to an email.
  • Do not impose. Endless annoying requests to leave a review will not only be guaranteed to keep the reviews section empty, but they can also scare away the client altogether.
  • Do not remove negative reviews. A long list of laudatory positive reviews looks artificial as if they were bought. It’s also a great way to find out which direction you need to improve.
  • Think carefully about the time for a recall request. You should not delay it, but in many cases, it is not worth rushing. Give the client time to evaluate the product or service, and then get in touch.
  • Let the customer feel the importance of their recall. Let him know that he helps not only you but the entire community.

Lastly, experience the importance of customer reviews. Often, they are the determining factor for potential customers. Would you trust a company that has not established itself? We think not. So collect a lot of reviews and make them trustworthy.

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Many Houzz users work with us. And they are all happy with us. They have new customers every day, who in turn also leave feedback.



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Believe me, it will always seem to you that there is a huge pile of unresolved tasks ahead, not even formulated to the end. It’ll be this way forever. And each time this feeling slowly but surely draws you into the swamp of procrastination – putting off important matters “for later”. Do everything here and now. Today’s creative enthusiasm is easily replaced by fatigue and horror among the tasks that must be completed. Success is achieved only by those who act.


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